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Efficiency and productivity characterise new Shima Seiki machine Print
Friday, 03 June 2011

Wakayama - Shima Seiki has launched the SSR 112, a brand new, highly productive and energy efficient, entry level computerized flat knitting machine aimed at increasing the Japanese company's market share in emerging markets.

Designed to produce quick, mass-production, basic knitwear, the SSR 112 is designed to support the growing demand for knitwear manufacturers in regions where mills operating hand-flat and/or mechanical machines are looking to upgrade their machines and replace them with higher productivity, computerized systems.

?The worldwide economic slowdown has shifted production toward manufacturing centres which provide a large amount of basic goods at a lower price,? Shima Seiki said. ?Since the recovery of the economy, production has remained in these areas but with greater interest in capital investment. Demand for computerized knitting machines has increased especially in emerging markets where hand-flat machines and mechanical machines are being phased out in favour of computerized machines with higher productivity.

With a 45 ins knitting width and an ultra-compact double-system carriage, SSR 112 is certainly compact, allowing up to 15% more machines to be installed within a given factory floorspace. High-speed knitting is possible with the company?s well established R2CARRIAGE (Rapid Response Carriage) system. The drive to ensure the quality and consistency demanded by modern-day knitting mills means the SSR 112 has also been equipped with Shima Seiki's renowned DSCS Digital Stitch Control System as standard.

Clearly, envrinmental perforamce has also been high on Shima technicians? agenda with the SSR 112 said to be up to 25% more energy efficient compared with previous machines.

Known within the industry for its highly sophisticated technology and refined product quality, Shima Seiki's lineup of computerized flat knitting machines has traditionally been considered upscale leaving the company to deduce that because of this, some markets had been hesitant to adopt Shima Seiki machines, despite the technological potential they offer.

The addition of SSR 112 rounds out Shima Seiki's lineup by offering the same uncompromising technology and quality at a more affordable range, leading Shima Seiki to anticipate further market penetration in both new and existing markets,? the company said.

Shima Seiki is also keen to emphasise that SSR 112 is considered an entry-level machine that excels in basic knitwear production suited for specific needs of certain markets, and that further needs would continue to be met by machines in its versatile range of computerized flat knitting machines. ?The fact that the new machine can open windows of opportunities for knitting companies to strive upscale for higher quality and higher profits while remaining with a brand you already trust, is the biggest advantage offered by SSR 112,? Shima Seiki said.