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Video: New collection from compression hosiery specialist Print
Wednesday, 01 February 2017

Trevoux - French compression hosiery manufacturer Gibaud has released a promotional video demonstrating its latest collection of aesthetically pleasing medical socks, named Venactif Optimum Tech, made entirely on the latest Busi Medical knitting machines.

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The Busi Medical machines are designed for the production of certified compression knee-high socks. The high production, single-cylinder sock-machine with latch needles in the dial is capable of producing true rib and plain stitch medical compression socks in 5 colours with compression classes 1, 2, 3 and it is provided with full electronic control.

The machine is provided with two knitting feeds for both plain stitch and true rib. The compression graduation is achieved by using the automatic stiffening, which is available on all the step-motors and by graduating the tension of the inlaid elastic yarn.

It is also available with the company’s new Rimaglio device for toe closing.

Until recently, the Busi Medical had been available in diameters - 3½", 3 ¾" and 4", with between 180 and 320 needles and in gauges 48, 54 and 70G. The maximum speed of this machine is 300 rpm.

Now though, Busi Giovanni has made this machine available in a 4 ½ diameter widening the machine’s appeal. The Busi Medical Terry variant also offers 5 pattern colours + ground + elastic (with 1 feed), 1 pattern colour + ground + elastic (with 2 feeds) and the possibility of knitting in true rib. However it is also possible to knit sandwich terry while the Rimaglio toe-closing device is also optional.

Busi Giovanni has also recently developed the Busi Medical Terry Pantyhose, a high-production, single-cylinder sock machine with latch needles in the dial for the production of true rib, plain stitch or terry medical compression socks and stockings in Compression Classes 1, 2 and 3.

The machine is equipped with full electronic controls and features two feeds, for plain and rib fabric, as well as for laid-in elastic fabric. The compression graduation is achieved both through the automatic stiffening that can be activated on all step motors and through the graduation of the covered elastic yarn feed. It is also equipped with a terry device for the production of the sandwich terry that enables a fully automatic switching from plain stitch to half terry and to full terry.

This machine is available in a diameter: 4 1/2 ins with 260-280 needles and in gauges 48 and 54G. It is also available with the company’s new Rimaglio device for toe closing.

The Busi Medical Terry also offers 5 colours per course + ground + elastic (with 1 feed) and 1 pattern colour + ground + elastic (with 2 feeds).