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Eco-textile labelling guide goes online
Pontefract - MCL Global has launched an online version of the industry leading Ecotextile Labelling Guide, the essential tool for manufacturers, retailers and brands looking to produce, source and sell environmentally friendly clothing and textiles.
New issue out now
The latest issue of Knitting Trade Journal includes exhibition previews of two major events ? Shanghaitex and this month?s Techtextil. We also talk exclusively to Ettore Lonati, president of Lonati Spa, and interview Mr.
New book explores advances in knitting technology

Cambridge - A new publication, Advances in Knitting Technology, is describedas an important text for designers, engineers and technicians involved in the manufactureand use of knitted textiles and garments.

High-gauge circular knitting machine
Patent no: 7631520
New stitch measuring method
TAIWAN - PaiLung has been awarded a patent for a new yarn measuring device that by measuringstitches in a bidirectional fashion, can accurately calculate the total amountof yarn consumption, improve fabric quality and increase production efficiency.
Tension control from Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki has been awarded a patent for an invention that will improve the stability and tension control of the yarn feeding system on a v-bed knitting machine.
Circular knitted fabric for the automotive sector
Patent no: US7481079
Groz Beckert offers high speed solution
Groz Beckert has been awarded a patent for a new type of knitting needle for use in high-speed circular knitting machines.
?Elegant? legwear from circular knitters
This patent from Calzificio Pinelli provides a way for circular knitting manufacturers to produce medical hosiery items with an ?elegant? look that matches traditional women?s legwear.
Linear knitting machine
Taking into account both logistics and fabric quality, this new patent from Italian knitting machine builder Santoni relates to a Raschel-type linear knitting machine, commonly also known as Raschel-type warp machine and used for manufacturing textile items of any type.
Fabric scanner for a circular knitting machine
This new patent from Monarch Knitting Machinery covers a break-away mount for mounting a fabric scanner to the central support shaft in a circular knitting machine.
Knitting a tubular knitted fabric with stripes
This patent relates to a method of knitting a tubular knitted fabric in which a stripe pattern is made in a tubular fabric on a flat knitting machine by switching knitting yarns to each other during the knitting process.
Moveable yarn guide for v-bed knitting machine
This patent from Shima Seiki describes a new patent for a moveable yarn guide applicable which moves along the needlebed in tandem with the knitting carriage and minimises the occurrence of yarn snagging.
Yarn feeder for elastane plating
This knitting technology patent describes a new yarn feeding system from Japanese machine builder Fukuhara which is said to improve elastane plating by better controlling the elastane yarn roller
Low impact latch needle
Groz-Beckert has filed a new patent for a new latch needle system which is designed to withstand the stresses ofhigh speed knittingon circular weft knitting machines by reducing the impact of the moving latch on the needle shaft.
Needle selection on v-bed machine
This patent from Shima Seiki covers the elimination of needle selection mistakes caused by excess lubricant in knitting machines.
Orthopaedic medical stocking
This patent from Knit-Rite Inc. in the USA describes an orthopaedic medical stocking which is produced on a v-bed Shima SES series machines that has a rounded toe-end shape to ensure wearer comfort.
Securing the selvedge on knitwear
Vincent Hughes at Irish knitwear company Carraig Donn, which is based in Mayo and operates a plant of Stoll machines has been assigned a patentfor the secure tying-in of loose yarn ends at the garment selvedge which are then neatly concealed.
Circular knitting machine with cantilever cam ring
This world patent has been granted to Monarch Knitting Machinery, USA, which describes a circular knitting machine frame which has cantilever support for a cam retaining ring.
Velour knitted fabric
This re-issued US patent covers the production and development of a velour knitted fabric, which has good insular properties but retains a high level of lightness and stretch.