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As the demands of the sock and hosiery markets continue to evolve, Italian sock knitting machine manufacturer BUSI GIOVANNI has made considerable advances in developing new technology and upgrading its existing models.

Brescia-based BUSI GIOVANNI has now completed its range of medical hosiery machines with the addition of the 5-inch diameter model, adding to the existing 4 and 4 ½ diameter models on both the BUSI MEDICAL and the BUSI MEDICAL TERRY, while the RIMAGLIO toe-closing device is available for each diameter and gauge, up to 400 needles for the 5 inches.

BUSI MEDICAL is a high production single cylinder knitting machine, equipped with dial needles for the production of medical compression socks in Compression Classes 1, 2 and 3. This is the only medical machine in the market able to knit true rib, as well as embroidery patterns in 5 colours plus the ground.

The machine is equipped with full electronic control and features two feeds, for plain and rib fabric, as well two more feeds for inlaying the elastic.

The compression graduation is achieved both through the automatic stiffening that can be activated on all step motors the machine is equipped with, and by managing the elastic tension and quantity fed into the machine.

Needle selection is performed by nine piezoelectric actuators that allow the machine to knit plain or rib fabric in 1x1, 3x1, 5x1, etc. and embroidery patterns on a mock rib base with 5 colours per course plus the ground with elastic in one feed.

The MEDICAL TERRY model is a high production single cylinder sock machine with latch needles in the dial to enable it to produce true rib, plain stitch and terry medical compression socks, again with compression class 1, 2, 3 and it is provided with full electronic control.

Sharing the same features as the BUSI MEDICAL, this model also has the terry device which enables the fully automatic switching from plain stitch to half terry and to full terry.

Advantages with respect to similar machines currently available in the market the BUSI MEDICAL offers:

  • True Rib
  • Up to 5 pattern colours plus ground
  • Rimaglio automatic stitch-by-stitch toe-closing device

Advantages with respect to similar machines currently available in the market the BUSI MEDICAL TERRY include:

  • True Rib
  • Up to 5 pattern colours plus ground
  • Both sandwich Terry and selected Terry
  • Rimaglio automatic stitch-by-stitch toe-closing device

Further machine developments from BUSI include the addition of 4.5 inch diameter model for the bestselling model J-TERRY, making this machine even more complete to make larger sizes. The J TERRY is a high production single cylinder sock machine equipped with latch needles in the dial and with a device for the selection of the terry loops to enable it to produce socks for men and children with true rib and selected terry.

The machine is provided with full electronic control. The terry device enables the fully automatic switching from plain stitch to half terry and to full terry while there is also an option for a terry device that enables the machine knitting the sandwich terry and the normal terry in the same sock without any mechanical change. This latest development allows for the pattern in the heel to be knitted in up to four colours plus the ground and knitted either on a terry base, or on a flat-stitch base.

The J TERRY can be configured in diameters: 3¼, 3½, 3¾, 4 and 4 1/2 ins. Available needles range from 84 - 240 in gauges 24, 36, 48 or 54G. Optional extras for the J-TERRY include BUSI’s renowned Rimaglio device for classic linking and a universal sinker cap for conventional/sandwich terry.


BUSI GIOVANNI has also launched the new BUSI CONTROL TOWER. This development gives BUSI’s customers a new and more user-friendly interface, making easier to understand the overall status of the machines. Working with a well-known database language, it is also easy for every company to build custom made data query.

Together with BUSI CONTROL TOWER, BUSI developed a new board, that can be used for helping the interface with LONATI’s production control software. This solves an issue for those customers who were faced with a dilemma of investing in BUSI machines and adding them seamlessly to their existing bank of Lonati models.

Here BUSI worked closely with them, developing bridging hardware and software, which ensures that the customer can run, control and monitor their new BUSI machines alongside their existing models, without any issues or problems whatsoever, using the same software on both types of machines.

The brand new BUSI CONTROL TOWER and the interface for LONATI’s NAUTILUS therefore solve the problems for both, a new machine facility or expanding a machine facility adding BUSI.

For more details visit www.busigiovanni.com


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