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Wichita - Invista's Cordura brand and Cotton Inc are continuing to collaborate with the debut knit bended performance natural fabrics featuring specialty moisture managing TransDRY and Storm Cotton technologies from Cotton Incorporated.

The technologies have been designed to combine the long-lasting durability of Cordura fiber and the comfort of cotton. These state-of-art, quick-dry performance fabrics are the latest additions to the portfolio of fabrics based on intimate blend Cordura NYCO fabric technology. The collaboration is another milestone in the Cordura brand's 50th anniversary celebration and will debut at Summer Outdoor Retailer Show.

More than two in three consumers (67 per cent) say performance features are important in their clothing purchase decisions according to the Cotton Incorporated 2016 U.S. Activewear Study. "Continuing with the theme of innovation through collaboration in our 50th anniversary year, we are thrilled to debut an exciting next chapter in our 'performance naturals' collaboration with the talented team at Cotton Incorporated," said Cindy McNaull, global Cordura brand and marketing director. "When you combine Cordura brand durability with the hidden science of TransDRY and Storm Cotton technologies, 'the fabric of our lives' seamlessly takes on a whole dimension of long lasting comfort."

New jersey knits, fleece fabrics and concept pieces from the Cotton Incorporated development team, as well as woven fabrics featuring the TransDRY and STORM Cotton technologies from Cordura brand authorized mills - Artistic Milliners and Chia Her - will be on display at both booths. These fabrics are designed for use in a variety of applications including activewear, outdoor gear and workwear.

"Cotton Incorporated's technology innovations add performance and functionality to the natural comfort of cotton, while the incorporation integration of Cordura gives fabrics an additional dimension of durability and increased strength, enhancing cotton's ability to perform in the outdoor and active markets," said David Earley, senior director for Supply Chain Marketing at Cotton Incorporated. "For example, we saw the tear strength of some of our woven fabric developments increase by more than 50 per cent with inclusion of the Cordura fiber in the blend."

Cotton Incorporated's TransDRY Technology

  • TransDRY technology for cotton is a patented, high-performance moisture management application, that allows fabrics to "wick" and spread perspiration as well as or better than high-tech synthetics, without losing the natural comfort and softness of cotton.
  • TransDRY technology is applied to cotton yarns reducing their ability to absorb water.
  • As a result, TransDRY fabrics are engineered to dry faster than untreated cotton to help keep fabrics from becoming over-saturated during physical activity.

Cotton Incorporated's Storm Cotton Technology

  • Storm Cotton technology offers breathable water-repellent protection from rain and snow, whilst maintaining the natural comfort of cotton.
  • Storm Cotton is a finish applied to cotton fiber that effectively repels liquids and still allows for moisture vapor to pass through the fabric so it can move away from the body and dissipate into the environment naturally - helping keep the wearer more cool and comfortable.
  • Because this special finish minimizes the amount of water that a cotton fabric can absorb, garments made with Storm Cotton technology are engineered to dry much faster than those made with untreated cotton which helps to minimize the amount of time and energy required for laundering.

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