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Stony Brook –American & Efird (A&E), whose industrial threads are widely used in the knitting and technical textiles industries, has reconfirmed its partnership with molecular technologies specialist Applied DNA (ADNAS) to add ECO100 recycled fibre to its A&E Integrity range of materials.

Already, A&E has secured custom for the thread on the basis that its origin and supply chain journey has been authenticated by ADNAS’ CertainT traceability solution.

Wayne Buchen, vice president of strategic sales at Applied DNA, explained: “Integrity thread protects the brand, as well as supply chains, at a time when security and sustainability are extremely important. We are helping to ensure that customers can meet their supply chain traceability and sustainability goals.”

The companies teamed up to develop A&E Integrity back in 2019, embedding ADNAS’s CertainT molecular technology within threads to ensure they can be traced throughout the supply chain.

Applied DNA’s technology has been the subject of growing interest over recent years due in part to the textile industry’s sustainability drive. Its authentication system provides a traceable, low-cost solution for companies and brands that may want to integrate more sustainable materials and quantify their integration in the final product.

Australian designer Sara Caverley has already confirmed she’ll be purchasing the ECO100 recycled fibre from A&E for her footwear brand, Caverley.

“During my time as a designer, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of supply chain security,” she said. “It is essential that Caverley products are produced with sustainable components that can be traced throughout their supply chain while ensuring we are delivering the very best to our customers.

“A&E’s ECO100 recycled sewing threads provide tangible proof of the one-of-a-kind leather and luxury trimmings used in our products.”

Chris Alt, executive vice president at A&E, added that: “Our customers are hyper-aware of the detrimental effects of counterfeit products, from lost sales to the potential loss of brand equity. It’s a real and global threat.

“Our expansion of Integrity secure thread technology developed with Applied DNA Sciences is a natural progression for us to address our customers’ needs and extend our brand protection solutions.”

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