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Shanghai - Nit Orme, the Turkey-based supplier of spare parts for flat and circular knitting machines, is constructing a new research and development centre in Istanbul where services will include complimentary training course for its customers.

Speaking to Knitting Trade Journal at the recent ITMA Asia + CITME exhibition, Company founder Mr. Irfan Yolcular said that the R&D centre was part of Nit Orme's strategy of expanding its range of technical services and consultancy and services for knitting design and programming – all part of the company's commitment to support its customers.

Other plans include implementing an express, two-day delivery system for its range of spare parts for flat and circular knitting machines from leading machine builders such as Shima Seiki, Stoll CMS, Pretty, Steiger and Universal.

"We have finalized construction of the R&D centre so it should be fully open within a couple of months," Mr Yolcular said. "Once opened, we will also be running a series of training courses free of charge for our customers to help them familiarize themselves and solve problems they have with the technical aspects of their equipment."

On the technology front, the company is well known for the high quality of its spare parts. Among its most prominent developments are a USB memory device, which means that knitting mills no longer require the older and more expensive memory cards and adaptors.

Further highlights include the new DSC card repair service, which Nit Orme carries out for Stoll operators looking to fix their defective electronics as well as a new range of LCD screens. The latter allows the conversion from older CRT monitors to new LCD screens on Shima Seiki SES models. Mr Yolcular also notes the success of the company’s latest solutions for replacing older servo motors and drives on SES models, the benefits of which include less power consumption.

The company also offers other equipment such as cams, stitch pressers, sinker springs, needles, jacks, yarn guides, yarn cutters (scissors), brushers, carriers, yarn feeders, take down rollers, solenoids, pulse (step) motors, sensors, needle breakage switches, floppy disk drives, tensions, pulleys, belts and etc.

“Nit Orme offers the quality, confidence and experience in the production of spare parts, in the knitting design and programming, in the technical services and reconditioning , electronic board repairing, separation yarn production, buying and selling of the second hand machines and consultancy services,” he said.


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