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Albstadt - The latest developments for the legwear sector will make their first appearance on the Groz Beckert stand at the upcoming Febratex exhibition, part of a wider display of knitting system solutions from the Albstadt, Germany based firm.

Febratex takes place in Blumenau, Brazil, from 21 to 24 August 2018 with Groz-Beckert represented with its products and services from the fields of Knitting, Weaving and Sewing with a booth in Sector 2, Booth 58–62.

For the first time at Febratex, this year Groz-Beckert will be presenting the new legwear exhibit. The acrylic exhibit displays various knitting technologies from the fields of socks and hosiery in different gauges, presenting a wide range of Groz-Beckert products in action with needles and system components for up to 10 different models.

The product areas of circular knitting and flat knitting will also present transparent knitting machines, complementing the presentation of Groz-Beckert's broad range of products in unique way, the company says. Each of the three acrylic glass machines has individually removable elements for detailed viewing. One particular highlight from the product range is the further development of the litespeed needle – the litespeed plus. The optimized needle geometry reduces the machine temperature and results in significant energy savings in the knitting process.

At Febratex, the Knitting division will be presenting its product portfolio for circular knitting, flat knitting, legwear and warp knitting technologies. "The focus will be on presenting system solutions to meet the increasing requirements with regard to wear and demanding textiles, as well as solutions for customer-specific requirements," says Groz Beckert. "The smooth interaction of the individual components can be observed in the "glass" knitting machines, which provide a unique insight into the interaction between the needles and system parts."

In the field of Sewing, Groz-Beckert will be focusing on Smart INH. Since 2016, the company has been offering the quality management system INH (Ideal Needle Handling), a patented process for problem-free and time-saving handling of broken and damaged sewing machine needles. With Smart INH, the latest component of the quality management system, Groz-Beckert says it is now enabling the digital documentation of all needle breakages and all other needle changes. Users are supported by the specially developed "INH@site" app and the "INH@office" management program.

While INH@site can be used to photograph broken needles and document them as a digital image data set, INH@office offers the option of completing these data sets, managing them and running various assessments. This removes the need for physical documentation and storage of the broken needles - paving the way for immediate and environmentally-friendly disposal.


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