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Dhaka - Textile machinery group Stäubli will be exhibiting at next month's Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition with a display that will include information on its latest toe-closing technology, which has been designed to drastically shorten the sock-knitting process.

Exhibiting alongside its local agent Spintex Technology Ltd, the underlying theme of the Staubli presentation is the provision of machinery and system solutions for optimising workflows that seek to capture benefits such as time savings and increased overall efficiency.

According to Staubli, the recently launched D4S toe-linking device is becoming indispensable in more and more knitting mills. This ingenious device sews the toe closed while the sock-knitting machine simultaneously produces the next sock. The precise operation of the device ensures perfect linking quality.

"Therefore, the D4S answers several key challenges in knitting: minimising idle time, delivering higher-quality and higher-volume output, and reducing waste material, the increasing price of which eats into profit margins," Staubli said. "Installing the D4S device on a sock-knitting machine promises a quick return on investment for the mill. In addition to more efficient production, the mill will also benefit from enhanced operator convenience and expanded functionality, especially thanks to the independent 2900SL electronic controller."


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