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{besps}ss/santoni2{/besps}Brescia - Santoni?s Patrick Silva outlines some of the company?s latest developments which include an upgraded, finer gauge version of the popular SM8-TOP2 machine.

In order to better develop the Asian market business, Lonati Group set up Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd in Jinshan Shanghai in 2005, specializing in the production and sales of Santoni seamless underwear machine and the Panda circular knitting machine.

When the company was founded, Santoni only had one plant in the Jinshan Development Zone. By 2010, this had expanded to six plants while 2011 will see a move into a new plant in Jinshan, reflecting the pace of development of Santoni?s business in China.

The seamless machines and large diameter machines are widely used for the manufacturing of ultra fine lingerie, underwear, sportswear, outwear, swimwear, medical supplies and other fabrics. At Shanghaitex 2011, the company will show a highly innovative range of machines producing a wide variety of end products using a full range of yarns - both natural and man-made.

The market demand for high quality seamlesswear is growing with (our) customers always looking to produce a ?better? product. With this in mind, Santoni has upgraded its famous seamless machine, the SM8 TOP2 CHN to a very fine gauge and we have also prepared a large number of samples, allowing customers to clearly see what kind of products our machines can produce. On the Santoni booth, as well as the Santoni circular knitting machines, you will also see Dinema Electronic Solutions and Lonati Group sock knitting machines.

At the exhibition, the machines on display will be divided into four groups: Seamless, Outwear, Large Diameter and Warp Knitting.

As mentioned, the SM8-TOP2 has been upgraded to gauge 40G, an option which represents a technological breakthrough for a new dimension of seamless garments. This keeps the surface of the garment smoother and lighter offering an incomparable feeling of comfort - like a second skin. This ultra fine gauge seamless machine can produce intimate underwear, outwear, beachwear, sportswear, sanitary wear with high level cover and performance. There is also the possibility of having various stitch structures, personalizing with logos and double welt in the beginning and end of the garments.

The SM8 TR1 is a single jersey machine available in gauges up to 24G. We consider this machine a new approach to seamless casual sportswear. It is one of the best solutions for knitting fishnet and anti-drop stitch structures (Santoni patented). It also has the possibility to work with natural yarns like wool cotton and linen as well as synthetic ones. Some of the advantages of this machine are production of double fabrics or plating of the finest hand touch, mesh, pointelle or eyelet areas.

The SM6 RIB2 is a double knit electronic circular knitting machine with 6 feeds. This machine is specifically designed for producing fine quality, high production casual or sport knitwear in a variety of fashionable styles. There is the possibility of using natural, synthetics and manmade fibre yarns as well as bare and covered elastomer. There is also the ability to produce casual or leisurewear with true rib borders.

The Sangiacomo Jumbo-Chroma, which will also be on display, is an 8-feed, single-needle bed circular machine with 3 needle to needle selection points for each feed. It can be used to make underwear, outwear, sportswear, swimwear and create fabrics for medical applications. There is also the possibility of creating designs and logos with perfect color plating.

The SM ? DJ2TS is the most complete circular double jersey weft machine presented by Santoni. In this show we will exhibit an 18G version for seamless series and 15G for sweater series. The former can knit a wide range of both manmade fibers and natural fibers and can knit almost any stitches such as true ribs, links-links, jacquards, striping, pointelle, eyelet, body rib bands. SM - DJ2TS in 18G can also produce luxurious women?s underwear, men?s and women?s underwear and nightwear.

While having all the advantages of the SM ? DJ2TS in 18G, the 15G model has the ability to produce outerwear with different styles such as causal to evening wear.

Elsewhere, the MECMOR 1800 TJB is an alternative to flat machine knitting for outwear and sweater production. Compared to flat knitting machines, production time can vary up to 8 to 10 times. This machine has a needle field with a maximum width of 291 cm in all gauges. It has the possibility to knit with bare Lycra to knit & miss, knit & tuck or miss & tuck.

In the Santoni Large Diameter field, Santoni will present the Zenit, Atlas, Pulsar and Panda F machines.

Zenit is a large diameter single jersey machine suitable for production with 4 cam track stitch structures with 3 feeders per inch. It is available in tubular or open width while the knitting head is convertible to produce three thread fleece fabric while the speed is much higher than other large diameter machines improving both efficiency and productivity.

The Atlas large diameter machine has unique technology patented by Santoni. There are no sinkers in this machine; there are 2 cam tracks available on the cylinder for the production of ultrafine gauge without sinkers. It has the ability to produce single jersey in fabrics up to 60G.

As the fabric is produced without sinkers, the stitch formation is not distorted by any mechanical movement. Instead, the holding-down jacks system (patented) enables users to clear the stitch (facilitates the stitch knock-over), work at full feeds (88 knit feeds in 30 ins), and makes the knitting re-start quickie and easily after press-off.

Pulsar is a double jersey ultra fine gauge large diameter machine. In addition to the traditional 18 to 32G, Pulsar is now available with ultrafine gauges up to 50G. It has high output and great flexibility thanks to the balanced number of feeds. It also has the advantage of a quick gauge change.

Panda F is single jersey machine suitable for the production of 3-thread fleece. It has been prepared with 3 cam tracks and equipped with for elastomeric knitting on all feeds. The needles used in these machines also have cost advantage and there is excellent plating & triple plating. Sinker cams can be easily adjusted.

In the warp knitting series, we will show the SWD 4/2J, a compact, electronic warp knitting machine for seamless items such as pantyhose, underwear and outerwear garments. All the garments have inherent fabric characteristics ? breathability and non-run fabric structures. They can be produced in the futuristic ?entire garment? way with the least possible post-knitting finishing operations required. A combination of mesh areas, body mapping with compression and support areas give plenty of potential especially in the athletic and sports clothing sectors.

In conclusion we strongly believe innovation and product quality is the key point in our industry. Santoni will continue to be the pioneer in the circular knitting industry by innovating new products and developing our unique technology advancements basis on customer needs.


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